It used to be that concrete was just practical and functional. It did little for the aesthetics of a home or business, and it often went unnoticed. Rarely is concrete even maintained as it should be. The shame is concrete will last and look great for a very long time if properly placed and maintained.

Decorative concrete is gaining in popularity for many reasons. The cost difference between ordinary concrete and decorative concrete is minimal compared to the value it adds to your home or business. With Decorative concrete you can bring design ideas that where once limited to using natural stones, pavers and rock. The good news is concrete is easier, less time consuming to install and stronger than alternative applications. Concrete's free flowing nature makes it the best material for creating one of a kind designs. Our use of tried and true techniques and top of the line products insures your project comes out looking great.

We offer free comprehensive bids so there are no surprise charges. Everything is above board, no nickel and dime along the way that is so common in the building trades. First we take a look at your project and offer helpful ideas, whether it be design or cost saving ideas. Once we have established what the design will be we write a detailed proposal. Sometimes we draw plans if more details are needed, this insures everyone is on the same page. When we have agreed on a set price that fits your budget and a date to start we stay on your project until it's completed.

We strive for excellence- no job is "just another job". Each and every completed project adds to our good reputation.